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    The Good Tee Company founder Lysanne Louter and her son Finnley in Toronto

    LYSANNE LOUTER is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, visual storyteller, and mama-turned-entrepreneur.  After witnessing the horrific aftermath of the Rana Plaza apparel factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 that killed 1100 people, she decided she wanted to start her own clothing line.  It was a long journey from that realization to launching The Good Tee Company.  

    Rana Plaza Collapse garment industry

    Rana Plaza Collapse in Bangladesh, April 24, 2013 (Photo Courtesy: Flikr @rijans)

    Lysanne was plagued with nightmares, panic attacks, and deep depression for years after meeting the victims of the Rana Plaza tragedy.  When her son Finnley was born, her depression and anxiety returned.  

    Apparel worker Bangladesh with sign "I don't want to die for fashion."

    A garment worker in Bangladesh protesting on the 1-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse, April 24, 2014 (Photo Courtesy: Solidarity Center/Sifat Sharmin Amita)

    Only when Lysanne began working for herself did she imagine a way to move forward and turn her experiences into something positive for other people. Now she and her husband run The Good Tee Company together, making ethical and environmentally-friendly statement clothing in Toronto, Canada. A portion of every shirt sold supports charities that promote gender equality by empowering women and their families through education, entrepreneurship, and aid.

    Lysanne Louter founder of The Good Tee Company visits garment factory in Toronto

    All of our apparel is made from start to finish at a factory in Toronto, Canada, including knitting and dying our eco-friendly fabrics, as well as cutting and sewing our pieces. We design and print our statement shirts ourselves. It's truly a family-run business from start to finish!